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Office partitioning provides a very cost-effective method to divide open plan office areas.
Le Creuset Office Fit Out and Glass Partitioning

Creating individual offices, meeting rooms and reception areas

Office partitioning provides a very cost-effective method to divide open plan office areas, create individual offices, meeting rooms and reception areas.

Commercial partitioning can range from basic partition screens, demountable partitioning with plasterboard or glass panels, to bespoke timber framed partitions.

Office partition wall systems are ideal for creating office corridors, meeting rooms, IT equipment rooms, and storage areas amongst many others. Frames, normally made from aluminium and available in a range of colours, can be quickly installed, with pre-decorated dry wall panels then inserted. This method allows for speedy installation with minimum mess, meaning minimal disruption to your business. These partitions can also be removed more easily if further changes are needed at a later stage.

Office glass partitioning systems allow light to flow through your office giving a greater sense of space and a more modern feel. Timber frame partitioning can provide a more luxurious finish and is often used in reception areas, board rooms and executive suites.

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A greater sense of space and a contemporary feel

We can supply and install all ranges of glazed partitioning systems including Komfort Polar and Fusion.

Glass partitioning systems allow light to flow through your office giving a greater sense of space and a contemporary feel, as well as making the environment more pleasant to work in with more natural light available.

Framed glass partitioning uses demountable aluminium frames, which can be provided in a variety of colours, and allows a low-cost method to install glass partitioning, in either single, or double glazed panels when additional acoustic sound absorption is needed. Demountable frames are quick to install with minimal mess and disruption to your business. Frameless glass partition walls can create an enhanced modern and contemporary feel, using full height floor to ceiling glass panels to create a more minimalist look.

When privacy is required window films (‘window manifestations’) can be applied to provide partial or full privacy. Window manifestations are also a great way to add a particular theme or branding to your space. Double glazed glass partitioning with integral blinds can also be used to provide flexible privacy when needed.

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Ideal solution for growing & regularly changing workspaces

Demountable partitioning systems are the ideal solution if your business is growing or needs to regularly change workspace requirements.

Demountable partitioning systems can be installed, taken down and moved more easily than traditional timber stud partitions, and generally create less mess and minimal impact on the building to both install and remove. Many commercial landlords may insist that demountable partition systems are used for this reason.

Demountable partitions include both solid and glass panels and offer a very flexible solution when your office space is likely to change over time. You can also remove and take the partitioning with you if you move premises.

Our experienced team can advise on the best partitioning system for your needs, along with advice on additional acoustic or sound insulation and enhanced fire resistance properties if required.

Demountable partitioning is suitable for a wide variety of applications and areas, including offices, warehouses and factory or industrial environments.

With over 20 years’ experience, contact our team today to discuss how demountable partitioning systems can provide the perfect workspace for your business.

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Meet the needs of today’s increasingly open plan offices

We offer a design and installation service for acoustic partition systems.

Acoustic partition systems we can install, include the Komfort range of Komfire partitions, the perfect choice for applications where sound and stringent fire performance are key requirements.

Acoustic partitions are designed to absorb a certain amount of sound, which is particularly important in office environments, where noise levels are generally increasing. Reducing the level of sound reverberation and harsh echoes in an office or meeting room is important in improving levels of sound clarity, and reducing the effects of background office noise which can be tiring and stressful.

Reduced levels of office noise contributes to increased productivity and improved employee well-being.

If you have a concern over the general level of noise in your office, contact our experienced team today to discuss how acoustic partitioning can help.

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Warehouse, Mezzanine Flooring

An effective way of creating rooms, dividing spaces or segregating areas

We supply and install of a range of modular steel partitioning systems for factory, warehouse and other commercial applications.

Warehouse partitions are an effective way of creating rooms, dividing spaces or segregating areas within industrial and warehouse environments.

Steel partitions are also an ideal solution to provide additional security if your business stores high risk or high value stock, or when sound reduction is required within an industrial or warehouse environment. Both single and double skin steel partitions are available.

We also supply and install mesh partitioning and security cages, and can offer full industrial fit outs.

Get in touch with our experienced team to learn more about how steel and mesh partitioning can be used effectively in your business.

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Le Creuset | Office Partitioning

Construct secure/critical areas within a building

A multi-threat walling system is multiple layers of materials such as steel mesh, steel plate, ply, and plasterboard on each side of a steel framework. These are used to construct secure/critical areas within a building such as a control room, secret/sensitive labs, or storage areas/workplaces where additional security measures are employed to deter, delay and detect unauthorised access to assets at particular risk from these types of security threats:

  • Manually forced entry attacks
  • Ballistics or low-end explosives followed by manual forced entry
  • Ballistics attacks
  • Blast attacks
  • Surreptitious attacks

These partitions will still be finished and decorated like any other partition system, allowing them to blend into your existing areas.

CID fact: About 25% of our partitioning projects currently consist of CPNI multi-threat walling systems, as some of our larger repeat clients work with secret or sensitive products and information that must be appropriately protected.

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Health & Safety

All projects we undertake comply fully with all current safety legislation and The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM 2015). CDM regulations apply to all building and construction work and includes new build, demolition, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, repair and maintenance.

We’re accredited members of Achilles, a global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management, and Constructionline, a leading third party Governance & Risk Management provider.

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