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Acoustic Partitioning

At Corporate Interiors, we specialise in providing high-quality acoustic office partitioning solutions that enhance productivity, privacy, and overall well-being in the workplace. Our range of acoustic partitions is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern office spaces, ensuring that you have the perfect balance of sound management and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Acoustic Office Partitioning

Improved Productivity

By reducing noise pollution, acoustic partitions create a quieter environment, helping employees concentrate better and work more efficiently. This is especially crucial in open-plan offices where background noise can be a significant distraction.

Enhanced Privacy

Acoustic partitions are ideal for creating private meeting rooms and confidential spaces within larger office areas. Whether you need to discuss sensitive information or hold brainstorming sessions, our partitions ensure that conversations remain private.

Flexible Design Options

We offer a variety of designs, including frameless glass partitions, double-glazed panels, and movable walls. These options allow for flexibility in office layout while maintaining a modern and stylish look.

Customisable Acoustic Performance

Depending on your specific needs, our partitions can provide varying levels of sound insulation. From single-glazed systems offering up to 37dB of sound reduction to double-glazed systems achieving up to 50dB, we have solutions for every requirement.

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Popular Acoustic Partition Solutions

Frameless Glass Partitions

Perfect for maintaining an open feel while providing excellent sound insulation. These partitions allow natural light to flow through, reducing the need for artificial lighting and creating a bright, welcoming workspace.

Double-Glazed Partitions

Ideal for areas requiring higher levels of soundproofing, such as executive offices and conference rooms. These partitions combine functionality with sleek design, enhancing both privacy and aesthetics.

Acoustic Screens and Panels

Freestanding or desk-mounted, these screens are perfect for reducing noise in busy, open-plan offices. They are versatile and can be easily repositioned as needed.

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Our Process

Consultation and Acoustic Design

We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your office’s unique acoustic needs and design preferences. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to create a custom acoustic partition solution that not only enhances your workspace but also effectively manages sound levels, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment. By integrating your brand’s identity into the design, we deliver a solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Precision Acoustic Planning

Our design team develops detailed plans and renders, meticulously mapping out every aspect of the project. We consider crucial factors such as office layout, natural light, and specific acoustic requirements to create a partition system that is both stylish and highly functional. This careful planning ensures that your acoustic partitions provide optimal sound insulation while seamlessly blending with your office decor.

Professional Acoustic Installation

Once the design is approved, our skilled installation team takes over. They execute the plan with precision and care, minimizing disruption to your daily operations. Our team ensures that each acoustic partition is securely installed and perfectly aligned, delivering a flawless finish that meets your high standards. The result is a workspace that benefits from enhanced sound control and a professional aesthetic.

Why Choose Corporate Interiors?

With years of experience in the industry, Corporate Interiors is committed to delivering top-notch acoustic partitioning solutions tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts will work with you from concept to completion, ensuring that your workspace is both functional and visually appealing.

Client Testimonials

Signway Supplies

Very pleased with the service from start to finish

  • Great Communication
  • Friendly Team
  • Flexiblity
  • High quality service

Chris Williams – Signway Supplies Ltd

The Ramp People

Excellent level of service

Excellent level of service and high quality.

Philip Shaw – The Ramp People


Very professional, excellent standard of work

I have always found working with CID a pleasure, very professional, excellent standard of work and great staff in which I include sub-contractors.

Andrew Whelan – Thales Properties


Good communication, quick service

  • Great Communication
  • Friendly Team
  • Flexibility
  • High quality service

David Gardner – Brandfuel Ltd

Le Creuset Logo

We all felt this new space was fabulous

We all felt this new space was fabulous

Simon Wright – Head of Operations | Le Creuset UK and Eire

UKN Group Main Logo

CID rose to the challenge!

Our office fit out was required within a tight timescale, and CID rose to the challenge! They got our new building ship-shape and ready for business as usual, on time and on budget.

Jane Jenkins – HR, Compliance & Administration Manager | UKN Group

Senior Flexonics Main Logo

CID are a responsive company and easy to work with

When you have contractors coming to your site you need to know that will do a good job and comply with all of the site rules. It’s also important that if things don’t go to plan or changes need to be made that they respond quickly and positively.

Mike Batty – Facilities Manager | Lymington Precision Engineers

Habitech Logo

Stylish, uplifting, confident

Our core promise is to provide technology that’s in tune with a customer’s environment. That means that our showroom and demonstration environment must be seen to be in tune with technology – stylish, uplifting, confident – and that’s exactly what CID created for us.

Jonathan Pengilley – Managing Director | Habitech

Berry Bros & Rudd Logo

The CID team is always approachable and flexible

They make sure they work around the day-to-day of the business, even if that means they have to change their schedule to accommodate us.

Alan Poole – Site Facilities Manager | Berry Bros. & Rudd

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